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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tenants' Revolt Combats the Bedroom Tax

This Saturday there will be protests in towns and cities across the country against the proposed bedroom tax. In Liverpool & Merseyside tenants groups have grown from the bottom up in a very short space of time, in Dingle and Bootle, Granby, Garston, Huyton, Speke, Wallasey, Birkenhead, the City Centre, Croxteth... there is a meeting tonight in Norris Green. There have already been protests at housing associations, 300 marched in Bootle, and budget cuts meetings at both Liverpool and Sefton town halls were met with disruption and sizable protests.

Its worth mentioning all this because many of the protests on Saturday have been called by those referring to themselves as the 'Labour Left'. They have NOT been involved in the grassroots campaign and many of them will have known about the bedroom tax for over a year, indeed Labour councillors sit on the boards of the housing associations. In the case of Riverside Housing a Labour councillor is the chair of the board. Not to mention they oversaw the disastrous 'Pathfinder' housing scheme that saw swathes of housing demolished, long-standing residents moved from their homes, and failed 'gentrification' empty communities.

Labour admit it would keep bedroom tax
The government is under massive pressure and have pretended to give a few concessions: for severely disabled children, for armed forces personnel who live at home but are away on duty, and to existing foster parents BUT not even future foster carers. Its obvious this is a distraction, over 1.5 million social housing tenants will still be affected.

We need to keep up the pressure and we need to keep matters in our own hands. Labour want to ride the wave of anger into office where they can take the baton from the Tories. Let's not forget Labour continued the privatisation of council housing, they opened the gates of the NHS to corporate vultures, they introduced tuition fees, they took us to war and they are doing the work of the government by implementing budget cuts (point any of this out on the facebook event and you are banned immediately).

Liverpool Bedroom Tax Protest
Sat 16th March, 1pm
Meet outside Liverpool Crown Court, James St


  1. Clarification about the 'concessions' the government has made on 13/3/13.

    The severely disabled children who will be allowed to not share with a sibling without their family being taxed are likely to amount to 1% of disabled children. Their families are still going to have to go through an assessment process that has yet to be defined.

    The concession to foster carers are for existing carers only. Anyone wishing to join the foster care service will need to have a working adult in the house to be able to afford the spare room needed to support vulnerable children. This can only put pressure on an already beleaguered service.

    Estimates of the number of military personnel who are 'adult children' of bedroom tax victims is likely to be less than 2,000.

    The government as of 13/3/13 have taken £5 million off the DHP fund (Discretionary Housing Payment that is available for severe cases of hardship when the Tax comes in and can be paid for 12 weeks or until the money runs out) to pay for these 'concessions'.


  2. Dingle Granby and Garston Groups are meeting at the Town Hall at 12:30 so that the real grassroots movement can arrive en masse to counteract the propaganda being put out by the local politicians. Bring your Placards and Banners