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Thursday, 7 March 2013

One Vision Housing Bedroom Tax Harassment Letter being sent to tenants

So, this is the bedroom tax letter that One Vision Housing is harassing tenants to sign. Pay particular attention to the declaratiion:

"I confirm that the above information has been fully explained to me and understand that I will be responsible for paying any shortfall in our rent payments.  I understand that One Vision Housing can take legal action against me if I fail to pay my rent including any shortfalls as a result of these changes"
One Vision Housing have just opened a can of worms. Do not sign.

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  1. If the government raised the capital gains tax to ordinary income tax levels, then why would anyone bother risking their hard-earned money in the stock market??? I know I wouldn't. I would put my money in the bank where it will hardly grow, but at least it will be safe. The lower capital gains rate is designed to encourage investors to risk their money in the markets, in order to stimulate growth. Raising the rate will kill growth!