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Saturday, 27 April 2013

We know bailiffs are bastards, but this is fucked up!

In what can only be described as sickening parasitism, Jacobs Bailiffs recently posted a news article touting for business at a recent Revenues, Rating and Valuation Conference. The news article included this line:
"With Welfare Reforms taking effect from 1st April the Jacobs team can talk you through our recovery strategies for maximising collections."

We all know Bailiffs are bastards, but this is fucking foul. Remember the above sentence, remember it well. To seek to pilfer off a working class, whether employed or unemployed, facing some of the worst attacks on welfare, on working conditions...these piggin fuckers should be dismantled wherever and whenever they have the audacity to surface in our communities.

On monday, let's kickstart a summer of anti-bailiff actions against these horrorbags. Join the communications blockade against Jacobs Bailiffs:

If you're not on facebook, the deatils of the communications blockade have been posted here:
“There can be no greater infringement of an individuals civil liberties than to have a sheriff officer examine their personal belongings to ascertain if there is anything worth poinding”
Fuck the bailiffs!

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  1. They are still a capitalist company and thus will always operate with the intention of making money. So, whilst it might be a sick thing to say it's not as if other bailiff companies are not thinking the same thing. Remember, they are not a symptom of a capitalist mindset - they are an arm of capitalism.