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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tenants to give bedroom tax architects £140 million slap in the face

The below quotation alludes to a potential £140 million non-payment cost to social landlords and a huge slap in the face to the architects of the bedroom tax:

"I had a national editor on the phone to me two weeks ago saying they have polled Local Authorities up and down the country asking their views on how many tenants would NOT pay the bedroom tax shortfall.  While this can only be a view or a best guess the answer was about 20% – 25% of those with 1 spare bedroom would not pay anything and on average 50% of those with 2+ spare bedrooms would pay nothing.  That in money terms translated to about a £140m non-payment and a £140m hit to social landlords."

We picked this out of a recent post, from the ever-informative Joe Halewood's SPeye blog, explaining the response a tenant got from their landlord basically saying, 'whilst your bedroom tax appeal is going through, you can pay us £3.60 p/w instead of the full amount.' (please read Joe's blogpost, Bedroom Tax - A VERY interesting development! for more info on that bombshell).

The cost to the social landlord will be much higher than the £140 million, but it's worth noting that there is an undercurrent of non-payment that for obvious reasons has not been reported-on yet.

More details to follow. 

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