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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Councillors employed by North Lincolnshire Homes verbally attack bedroom tax-hit tenants

These two work for North Lincolnshire Council:

Cllr Liz Redfern (image via www.VisitScunthorpe.Com)

Cllr Robert Waltham
They've recently been in the news verbally attacking North Lincs tenants hit by the bedroom tax. They are trying to scapegoat tenants, who have the gall to make life a little bit more bearable for themselves, by refusing discretionary housing payments (DHP) based on 'undeserving'/'deserving' criteria. 

Today, North Lincolnshire Homes, now OnGo, set about distancing themselves from Cllrs Waltham and Redfern by responding to allegations that they were complicit in the verbal attacks on bedroom tax-hit tenants and the DHP application process:

Combat Workfare understand that North Lincs Homes doesn't have any involvement in the DHP applications process, but they tweeted it anyway to deflect from what we were actually getting at: that both Councillors Waltham and Redfern are directors at North Lincolnshire Homes and its partnership limited company OnGo respectively.

North Lincolnshire Homes are bullshitters. They insist they want to help tenants "as best we can", yet they employ, and most likely pay, Councillors to sit on their board and let their verbal attacks on tenants go unchallenged.

Still they insisted on distancing themselves from North Lincs council:
As pointed out by Joe Halewood, "49 out of 50 who apply for a bedroom tax DHP will not get one". A DHP refusal rate that is being directly impacted-on by the vicious policies of Cllrs Waltham & Redfern, who sit on the boards of one of North Lincs largest housing associations.

It's about time CEO of OnGo and North Lincolnshire Homes Andy Orrey started giving some answers to why these Councillors are allowed to sit on the board, when they clearly have such disdain for North Lincs tenants.

Let North Lincs Homes & the Councillors know what you think:

Cllr Robert Waltham:

Telephone Number: 01652652021
Mobile Number: 07977987903
Email Address:

Cllr Liz Redfern:

Tel: 01724 297556

Mobile: 07717 587596

Andy Orrey, CEO of OnGo (North Lincolnshire Holmes):

twitter: @AndyOrrey

North Lincolnshire Homes:

twitter: @nlhomes


  1. How is it that only two per cent of tenants in North Lincolnshire will get DHP? Does demand really outrun the amount of available money to that degree? I can't see how else it could be so, because money for DHPs is ring fenced. If it doesn't get spent, councils can't use it for anything else, they have to give it back to central government at the end of the tax year.

    1. Replying very late to this, but...
      DHP is used for private tenants too, and there are often larger shortfalls - particularly for those under 35 who need to live alone, as we are only allowed enough HB to rent a room. In addition HB on private tenancies is worked out by how many rooms you're deemed to need, then the cheaapest 30% of such properties. So again there's likely to be a shortfall, and the DHP fund is limited, yes.

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  3. There's new defining judgement by upper judges.this applies to ongo and North lincs council benefits are they implementing it????